Joe Biden, was asked by a reporter on his thoughts toward Facebook and the censoring of Fake News. His response I believe was a little far fetched. Miss information is if you think about it killing people but Covid-19 is really killing people here. Everyone in the United States has access to getting the vaccine. It’s easier to get the covid-19 vaccine than it is to get working papers in the US. Both of which you need to be eligible to work in this country. Biden has reportingly signed an executive order to “check” the power of Facebook. My reaction to this article is one of concern. A few months back I had seen of headlines of Biden possibly signing an executive order to ban assault rifles which is a direct infringement on our most important amendment, the 2nd amendment, which grants the people our last defense against a tyrannical government. Now, I see the same has been done to Facebook a private company. What if this executive order limits Facebooks right to the 1st amendment and the freedom of speech. America is supposed to be a small government in which the people can self govern themselves with a limited roll of federal government inference. Yes, fake news can cripple a society but we should be very careful in how much we let the government limit our free speech. If we give them an inch they will take a mile as seen throughout history. I’m always a firm defender of free speech and I believe it should be up to Facebook to moderate what gets posted on their platform as they are a private company. It shouldn’t be up to whatever political party is in charge to dictate that. If Facebook wants to ban the current president at the time then so be it, it is within their constitutional right. However, a big tech takeover can be a side effect of my philosophy. An example of fake news being spread like wildfire and causing damage is the Breonna Taylor story. Initially the headline that was released was that an unarmed innocent black woman was killed in the dead of night in her bed by police. This sparked nationwide outrage and many people were injured, had their lives ruined, businesses’ destroyed and property destroyed on this false notion. Later we found out that, although I don’t agree with no-knock warrants, that there was a legal warrant to enter the house. We also learned that she wasn’t shot in her bed but in the hallway and that the officers were just returning fire to defend themselves from a suspect who had just shot a police officer. The media had made it seem like a personal attack had be conducted against an innocent women when in reality it was a police raid gone wrong and tragically Ms Taylor was killed. But somehow all these other details were conveniently left out.