After reading and seeing CNN’s response to Trump’s two year Facebook ban we can clearly see the effects of fake news.Trump as promoting violence by not allowing his followers to accept his defeat.He would continue to claim he was robbed during the elections and that it wasn’t fair.Everyone is fully aware that Trump had a fair chance at the elections and he lost,but his comments are known as fake news.Sadly in this case these fake news caused violence to be used in the capital.Fake news is already bad itself but it’s worse when those fake news cause  people to be violent.The Ban on Trump is 100% fair and it should honestly be longer.Fake news are all over the place but social media is where they most commonly occur.An example would easily have to be fake celebrity death posts which “inform” us of a celebrity’s passing but they are not always truthful.Those death posts could be very harming to a huge fan and including the family of this celebrity causing sadness in them until realizing it’s fake news.Overall fake news shouldn’t even exist but sadly we aren’t free from fake news yet .