Final Exam Question (for Thursday, July 5th)


This is an in-class exam and should take no longer than 1 1/2 hours.

Write a 4-6 paragraph essay on the topic below.  Before you begin to write, take time to think through your approach.  It might be helpful to make a rough outline or a list of points you want to cover. Remember to pay close attention to organization of ideas, transitions, sentence structure, and spelling. Your essay should be clearly structured with an introduction, body, conclusion, and title.  Be sure to make direct references to specific scenes (or lines) from the films themselves.

Essay Question:

You have watched three films (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Hamlet, and Brooklyn), each of which feature protagonists (Walter, Hamlet, Ellis Lacey) faced with difficult life choices.  Choose two films and discuss the particular challenges the main characters must confront.  What is the nature of his or her difficult choice?  How does he or she address his or her conflict?   Are they ultimately successful in the manner in which they handle their situation?  What lessons do the characters’ ordeals offer you the viewer?  Lastly, connect one of the films to a difficult choice you and/or your family (or a friend) had to make.  What was the nature of this choice and how did the decision ultimately work out?

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