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Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen, i hope that you are having a wonderful day this evening or morning depend on the time you are seeing this introduction. I would like to start by apologizing for the late response because i was having time to figure out how to do this online class even though it took me a while, yet I finally figure out on to do this virtual class but enough with the babbling. My name is Lionel Jr Desroses. I just turned 21 a few months ago and living life to the fullest. I hope to learn so much from this class and improving on my writing since it is one of my weakest links. I am in my third year in city tech, hoping to graduate next year if everything goes well. I am a computer science major. One of my hobbies is playing soccer and basketball. I hope this semester goes well for everyone.

Introduction Kaothar Dirta

My name is Kaothar Dirta, I also go by Koko. This is my third year being a student at city tech. My major is liberal arts, I plan on transferring and becoming a teacher. I am interested in taking this course due to learning about historical values and modern day issues. I like to travel, play basketball, and collect sneakers. The picture I chose is one I took in Morocco summer 2019. It reminds me of home and every time im in Morocco my worries go away and I feel stress free. I honestly hate online classes but I hope this semester is positive.


Hello Professor Noonan,

My name is Cindy Guzman and this is my first year at City Tech. I was attending Guttman CC and received my associates in Information Technology and now majoring in Computer Systems. I’m super excited about this class because I find reading interesting and I’m intrigued to know what American Literature may hold. I chose this picture below because I am fascinated with the ocean and the mysterious world it holds. I love to travel and every time I assure myself to visit the ocean. For the first time,  I was able to go snorkeling and to see the beautiful fish and reefs and it was a great experience. When I sit in front of the ocean I can feel at peace and feel the calmness of the waves.

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