After reading and watching a couple of videos I understood a lot of things. I didn’t really quite understood the story behind the celebration of thanksgiving. The pilgrims known also as English people migrated in search of freedom of religion. In terms of connection to the pilgrims and today’s immigration stories, many people immigrate for the same reason the pilgrims did. Many of the people who come to America come in search of the famous “dream”. That “dream” is different for everyone, many parents sacrifice themselves to give their children the opportunity to have a better life, a brighter future, to expand the opportunities that might not be available for them in their country of origin. I for instance was born In Puerto Rico, which is part of the United States. However, my parents are Dominican, even though I’m looked at as an American by many I consider myself an immigrant and even sympathize with those people who struggle to go out there in search of a better life.

In the video “The Pilgrims: Chapter 1”, something that stood out to me was when Nick Bunker said, “They weren’t the people you would automatically expect to be founding a new outpost of the British empire.” This, in my understanding, is basically saying that everyone else had a perspective of these people, they undermine them; underestimated if you will. This stood out to me because it’s something that you can still see today. The people who come here to America are looked at differently not only because they might look different from their typical stereotype American but also because nobody really believes that a minority can actually go “anywhere”.

I think that this video emphasizes not only how hard it is to start from zero somewhere else but also the fact that as hard as it is to immigrate it has its compensations at the very end.