Author: jawad awada

Columbus Letter Response

There is no doubt about it that Christopher Columbus is one of the most known names in this country’s history. He plays a role in some of the most important events in history and also in today’s world is someone who is very controversial. After reading the letter of Columbus I was expecting nothing but positive and bright information. At the time there were a lot of native people that did not agree with what he had in mind but none of that was mentioned in the letter. The only kind of information that I was able to notice that had any regards towards the natives was that he mentioned that they were nice and they had some weapons. He did not mention how he killed a lot of them and how many of them were subject to terror caused by his men. Overall this letter in my opinion is presented in a way where the reader is expected to believe that everything was going well, while in reality that was not the case as there were many dark moments that were not mentioned whatsoever.     


My name is Jawad, and I’m currently hoping to major in radiology. My goal is to do the best I can in all the classes that I’m currently taking. The main goal for me is to end up going to medical school and even though that is going to be a long road I definitely  believe that it will all be worth it at the end.  The one word that I feel like best describes how I’m feeling about this class is confident. I know I can do well in this course and I look forward to learning new things in this class.