A line that stood out to me the most from the readings we had to read was from the “controversy over introducing it into High School and college”. The line that stood out was stated by Zimmerman, “I think that republicans are right when they say the 1619 Project is a threat. I just think it’s a good threat”. This was extremely confusing for me at first because how can a threat be a good one? Threats are extremely dangerous which was why I found this to be so confusing. Eventually I started to realize what they mean by threat is that the 1619 project will threaten the people who don’t approve of it. Many individuals believe  that the 1619 project would be “mishandling of curriculum” but it will be very beneficial for everyone to learn about this situation not just the black children. Everyone should be taught  and informed about the 1619 project and what information you can learn from it, so yes some people may not agree with It but it’s beneficial.