Hi students and professor Noonan. My name is Christin, pronounced “Kristin”. My pronouns are she/her. I am currently a sophomore at city tech majoring in health sciences, looking to peruse a career as a RN. In general, I am a very down to earth person who is open minded, and loves meeting new people. I like to keep myself busy most times- otherwise I feel unproductive and unaccomplished. My favorite thing to do is to try new things. This includes new activities, new food, and new travel.  I like to switch things up sometimes and keep myself on my toes. I have a love- hate relationship with change. Change is the most exciting yet scariest thing in life, in my opinion.  To add on, I am the middle child, if that betters your understanding of me.

The image featured shows my nephew, who just turned 6 months today. My nephew was brought to me and my family with lots of joy and an abundance of love.  He is the highlight of my day. I love watching him grow and pick up on new things everyday. His smile is extremely contagious, but regardless if he’s smiling or not, I cant help but to smile at him. He just started eating baby food and its fun to watch him develop a preference and even decline certain things he’s not fond of.  A baby is a blessing, regardless of your situation, in my opinion. I am happy to be a boy aunt first and be apart of his journey in life.



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  1. Mark Noonan

    Welcome aboard Christin. My partner has a new, super adorable nephew who she helps take care of as well.

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