Jasmine Perrin

Hey everyone my name is Jasmine Perrin. My pronouns are she/her. I’m from Brooklyn, NY. This is my second year of college at City Tech being an online student. I personally hate it but I have to get my degree by any means necessary so I guess I’ve just been tolerating it. I major in Accounting and also take business courses. I usually enjoy school but it’s hard to enjoy it now because I basically have to teach myself the content and on top of that it always feels optional so it’s just hard. If you’re a full-time student I salute you. Anyways, outside of school, I enjoy shopping, going out to eat, and trying new restaurants, I also enjoy the movies, being around my friends, and doing group activities that make me laugh and get to know my friends better. My feelings about beginning college again are like I said not the happiest but I’m the type of person who just gets things done so I’m here to learn (hopefully) and get closer to getting my degree. I wish nothing but a great and blessed semester for us all.


This picture that’s attached means a lot to me because family is everything. I have a big family and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My siblings, my mom, and some of my relatives mean the most to me because they support me, they show me what love is even if it’s tough love, and I can always trust them. My siblings are the main focus of this picture because they are the people I love the most. We have done everything together since we were babies and I love the fact that no outsider, no friend, or any significant other can break the bond we all have together. Yes, we argue and fight like all siblings do but we never snake each other or treat each other badly. And for that that is the only group of people I love with no condition and vice versa.


  1. sumayah

    I love your photo! having a family is a great blessing. Many people don’t have a family.

  2. Mark Noonan

    Welcome aboard Jasmine. I look forward to making this on-line course one you will enjoy and succeed in.

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