Brian Chan

My name is Brian and my pronouns are he/him.  I live in Brooklyn and currently major in hospitality management. My hobbies include gaming, walking, and editing artwork. Beginning classes again

feels good with a bit of stress on the side, but I’m not too worried about this class in particular because I’ve taken one of Professor Noonan’s courses last semester.  My main weaknesses are self expression and honesty. Sometimes I may sound rude or hostile because I say what I feel people should hear. I don’t bite! At least I think I don’t… One game that I enjoy is fortnite STW. Fortnite is known mostly for BR, but STW is a separate mode that is a lot different. As far as progression goes, I have more resources and etc than most players and am in one of the leaderboards ranked at  #19.  Compared to last year with the covid news and stuff, this year is somewhat surprisingly calm.


One of the most meaningful things in my life is my pig. That is because it has been with me since middle school and is a reliable food source in case I go hungry. I guess this is where green eggs and ham originates from.  Some may see it as a mere plush, but to me its a core memory. Le pig has been with me on trips on 2 separate occasions, one to a medieval castle attraction and to Kalahari Resorts. 


  1. Mohammed Islam

    Hey Brian, nice to meet you. I’m not good at video games and haven’t played in a long time but I remember the fun. Editing artwork seems cool, I always wanted to be creative but I can’t draw to save my life.

    Good luck this semester!

  2. Mark Noonan

    Great to have you in a course again Brian.

  3. haroodg

    Nice to meet you. I love your sense of humor. I’ve never met someone with a pet pig before but I have always adored them. I’ve been fascinated with them ever since going to a one-month farming retreat with my elementary school.
    P.S. It was a retirement home for farm animals so none of them were getting eaten.

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