My name is Ariel Montesino. My preferred pronouns are he/him. I am a senior majoring in Computer Information Systems and for entertainment play video games often. Since covid has been around I really haven’t been doing any activities. Mostly just staying home and going out when I need too. I did go on vacation this summer to the Dominican Republic but it wasn’t as enjoyable as it was the years prior. Having to wear a mask in even hotter weather conditions wasn’t great.

The most meaningful thing to me is my PC. I’ve had my computer for 3years now and its still does everything I’ve needed it to do. Since I purchased it back in 2018 I have upgraded the ram from 8 gigabytes to 24 gigabytes and recently changed my CPU cooling fan as well. Earlier this month my cooling fan was running very slow and despite putting some wd40 on it it just wouldn’t function properly. Eventually decided to just buy a new cooling fan and since then my pc has been running well. I went from a no brand stock cooling fan to an MSI FROZR L and the pc couldn’t be any happier. I went from temperatures as high as 95degrees Celsius to  50-60degrees Celsius even while running multiple applications.

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  1. Mark Noonan

    Welcome aboard Ariel. That’s quite an impressive computer set-up you have there.

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