One thing that really stood out to me was that Fitzgerald shows the sharp contrast between Gatsby’s lavish parties and his mysterious nature. The lavish gatherings are portrayed as chaotic excessive scenarios where individuals seek pleasure and escape from reality. Rumors about Gatsby’s mysterious history and the source of his money are circulating in the meantime, but he continues to be difficult to find. The key idea stressed in this part is the hollowness and despair that lie beneath the glittering lives of the wealthy elite. Characters like Tom and Daisy Buchanan are characterized as morally bankrupt and stuck in unhappy relationships despite their money and social standing. Nick offers a critical viewpoint on the moral decline he observes from the outside, expressing uneasiness and challenging the tenets of this culture. As the novel progresses, it establishes the sharp difference between appearances and reality, laying the groundwork for the collapse of the American Dream and its catastrophic effects.