Summer 2021

A raisin in the sun

I found A Raisin In The Sun a very interesting read. I liked the story plot and found the characters interesting. Mama was my favorite character she is very deeply rooted in her dreams that she shared with her husband who passed away and is still very devoted to them. All of the characters had very different ideas of how the $10,000 would impact their life and what the best way to spend it was. I really enjoyed the part when Beneatha was attending medical school. It was a very good addition to the story of her aspirations of being a doctor considering she is a woman of color and at that time there weren’t many colored female doctors. Her aspirations to be a physician was interesting to learn about.  Walter, however is very naive and is trying to find some way to make some money and not really thinking through the consequences for his actions. Assimilation of the family in a white neighborhood was not something that Beneatha wanted, the need tp uphold the families roots was important and not trying to fit in with the wealthy white people.

Reading A raisin I the sun was a lot different than the movie in my opinion. Both were excellent, but I preferred the book because I was able to paint the picture the story was telling in my mind in a  much different way than the movie. The characters in the movie were wonderful and portrayed their roles very well.


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  1. Mark Noonan

    very good discussion of the play and film. Please sign your name, however. I only see “Peace.”

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