Summer 2021

A midsummer’s night dream

I found it interesting how Hermia is in love with Lysander and not the man that her father wants her to be with, but  Helena is in love with Demetreius and is jealous of the fact that Demetrious seems to want Hermia but she does not want him. It’s an interesting cycle that happens in life, a person is interested in someone but the other person doesn’t feel  the same way.

I also found it so disturbing  that Hermia’s father sees his daughter as a possession that he decides what he does with and whom he gives her away to.  It’s frightening to think of what arranged marriages signify and that a father would go to the lengths of killing his own daughter for not obeying his wishes. It’s demoralizing to think that a parent would view their child as a posession rather than a person with their own opinions and feelings.

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  1. Mark Noonan

    Good discussion but be sure to provide a quote from the play.

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