Summer 2021

Lysistrata is an interesting character and posses female strength . She seems like she has realized that although she is a woman and there are limitations to what she and other women can do, but at the the same time realizes that there is a power that women do behold. The women are tired of men fighting, and they are tired of not having a say and being brushed off by men, so they have come to the conclusion that they can withhold something from men to try to achieve their goal of stopping fighting.  There is some wit and cleaverlesness about Lysistrata that I really enjoyed reading about female empowerment.

In Oedipus Rex there seems to be a general theme of fate that is expressed. It is a tragic, but yet also brave. Oedipus poses qualities that are admirable and that the people look up to, yet he has this fate of killing his father which creates for a tragic drama.  Oedipus has achieved solving the riddle of Sphinx which showed his bravery and courage, and so he becomes the King of Thebes.

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  1. Mark Noonan

    Very good commentary but please also provide quotes from the play.

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