(Classes begin Wednesday 7/6) (Classes end Tues. Aug. 9)


Class Open Lab posts due by 4 pm  (so I can respond before we move on) 


Office Hours (4-5 pm)  Attendance optional

I will post your weekly assignment

 City Tech Summer 2022 Academic Calendar


Weekly Calendar of Topics and Assignments   


Week 1 (July 6-7)  Welcome to City Tech and English 1121

Watch: Introduction Video

Register for OpenLab and request membership to our course site

Write your Self-Introduction to our class

Respond to another student’s self-introduction

Create free New York Times account

Read: William Zinsser  On Writing Well   (Part I: pages 3-46)

Post a response to a section from Zinsser’s book.

Self-Introductions and Post are Due by Monday, July 11.


Week 2 (July 11-14)


Due: Self-Introduction and Post#1

Read: George Orwell “Why I Write”

Joan Didion “Why I Write”

(Recommended:  “The Center Will Not Hold” (A Film Documentary on Joan Didion)

José Olivarez, “Maybe I Could Save Myself by Writing” and “Mexican American Disambiguation” (2018)


Week 3 (M/T/W/TH July 18-21)

Review:  The Writing Process

Use this paragraph to generate an outline for your Unit 1 Literacy Narrative

Write a response to Olivarez, Didion, or Orwell

Write a draft of the Unit #2 Assignment (Due Wed. July 27)


Week 4 (July 25-28)

UNIT #2 The Opinion Essay: Writing About a Current Event

Work on revision to Unit #1 Essay

Read City Tech Student Enson Zhou’s “Stopping Anti-Asian Hate”

View “Gentrification in Brooklyn” Video

Write: Summary of an article from the New York Times (for your OpEd – Unit #2 Assignment)


Week 5 (Aug. 1-4)

Draft Unit #2 Assignment (Unit #2)


Week 6  (M/T Aug. 8 -9)  Final Project Due

Unit #2 Assignment Due





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