Thank you, students, for sharing your insights on Orwell, Didion, and Olivarez, who have so much to teach us about bringing our writing to the next level. This week, I ask that you try your hand at writing a dazzling essay that explores something you do really well. In your essay, I ask that you try incorporating some of the techniques these writers use. I also ask that you bring in a quote or two from one of these writers that relates to your narrative in some way.

Here is the assignment: Unit#1 Assignment

To begin, I ask that you read the chapter in William Zinsser’s On Writing Well called “The Lead and the Ending” (pages 55-67). Zinsser offers some great advice on how to get your reader hooked from the start as well as how to surprise them in your conclusion.

I also ask you to review The Writing Process. Pay particular attention about how to introduce and comment on quotations from you readings (“the quote sandwich”).

If it’s helpful, here is an outline you can fill in before you write your essay:

Literacy Narrative Outline

By next Monday, July 25, please upload a draft of this assignment to our GoogleDocs Dropbox. (On upper left go to “NEW,” then “File Upload” which will upload your document from your computer). Once you upload this essay, I will be able to write comments directly on the document.