Summer 2022


Hi everyone, my name is Nazifa Mehzid. (She/her). I prefer to be called as Nazifa. I’m from Bangladesh and currently living in Brooklyn. This is my second year in City Tech. I’m majoring in computer information system. As I begin this class, I want to be more creative in writing. I think It’s very important to able to illustrate the thoughts through writing.  In my free time, I like to watch horror movies and I also enjoy reading fictional books. Besides that, I’m a very fond of nature as It makes me feel calm and help to boost my daily activities. I enjoy sitting beside lakes and seeing the mountain view. 

This is the picture I took when I visited the beach this summer. I find the picture meaningful because everytime, I look at the sky It amazes me with its phenomenal colors.  Sky can also define one’s mood. The moving clouds and  the ray of sunlight gives me a fresh start for my day. 


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  1. Farhana peam

    Hi Nazifa. I see we’re in the same major. And you’re likings on nature. Wishing you best.

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