Hi everyone. My name is Fahana Peam (She/Her). I’m preferred to be called Piyom because that’s my nickname and I like it. I was born in Bangladesh and moved to US when I was 11 years old. I was reside in Brooklyn and I’m still living here. I like the area I’m living in because I feel safe in here. This is my second year City Tech college and I’m majoring in Computer System. My goal is to accomplish my bachelor degree in technology and get a successful career in Technology field. My goal for this class is to improve my knowledge on literature and writing skills. Some of my hobbies are to read books. I’m a huge fan of fictional books. And on my free time I like to sleep and play video games. Moreover, I like to travel to new places. I like seeing the nature up close that’s why mountains are favorites. And views are spectacular.

This picture I clicked when I visited Little island. I like to click sunset pictures. And Because of the view and sense of calming. It just the moment to feel relax after the hard working day.