Spring 2023

Ahmad Moussa

Hello my name is Ahmad Moussa but I go by Moussa. I was born in Egypt but moved to America when Iwas five years old. I live in brooklyn now, im studying mechanical engineering. As of now I work two jobstrying to save up for when i graduate to open up my own auto shop.On Saturdays I play football for a small league to make sure i stay in shape.Also i coach a girls flag football team on my free time.College has been good to me ever since i started its sometimes a lot work but i do my best to get it done.

This photo is showing what I love to do and the people I loved doing it with.Football was a huge part of my life it helped me alot in high school.I played for 4 years and never give up on the sport even when it put my health on the line without football and my team i don’t know where I would be now.

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