Hello guys my name is David Villamil. I go by he/him. My parents are from Mexico but I was born in the Bronx  although a few months ago my family and I moved upstate and it has honestly been the amazing living there.  The only reason why i am attending CityTech and not a college around where I live is because of the majors. My major is Health Science, I am looking forwarding to joining the medical field and becoming either a Nurse or a Radiologist.  My hobbies include going to the gym, playing video games and playing various sports such as soccer, basketball, football and recently golf. I work at a rooftop bar/restaurant in mid town Manhattan which is definitely a plus because they are very flexible with my schedule. So far college has been good its sometimes a lot of work but I will be trying my best to get it done.

This a is the view you get at my job. The Empire State building was changing into various colors to showcase the new release season of the show Stranger Things back in May last year.