Hello my names Antonio Nesbitt. My family is from Maloney gardens Trinidad and Tobago but i was born in Brooklyn new York.  Im attending City Tech to hopefully get my degree in computer science so i can work as a software engineer at a FAANG company in the future.  My hobbies include fashion or more importantly the clothing or grails and the history behind them.  I have been ordering an unhealthy amount of clothes recently which has definitely been taking a toll on my funds but ill be fine who really even needs to eat anyways.  I became interested in fashion and the community ever since i started looking into self improvement and ways to better myself. Ever since then i started taking the way i dress more seriously even if i didn’t have the pieces i wanted to wear.  As for sports i used the play basketball for 7 years and track for 2. I will not elaborate on that. Other than that im really into cars, and have been learning manual recently so i can drive my dream car which is an Evo x  (Jdm better sorry).

This photo is some of my friends on senior skip day