Natalie A. Mortensen
Staten Island, NY 10310


OBJECTIVE:  To support the dentist in revealing dental disease and to find ways for the patient to maintain oral hygiene health.


I am a dedicated Dental Hygienist who will provide a safe and professional patient care.  I will minimize any discomfort for a dental patient and fully explain the procedures necessary for their oral health care.


(2 years Degree) Dental Hygiene Program at the New York City College of Technology

I have a good foundation on the procedures needed to be a good Dental Hygienist.  I had the best Professors who taught me how to multitask effectively in order to succeed in this career.  My knowledge in this field consists of the following:

  • Assess patient care
  • blood pressure screening¬†
  • Extra oral/Intra oral examinations¬†
  • Dental charting using Dentrix¬†
  • Scaling and root planning
  • Exposing of radiographs such as Full mouth series, Bite wings (Tabs and XCP), Panorex¬†
  • Pit a Fissured sealants with rubber dam placement and cotton roll isolation
  • Air polishing¬†
  • Periodontal dressing placement/removal¬†
  • Taking alginate impressions¬†
  • Oral Anesthesia Administrations (Infiltration) and Nitrous Oxide¬†
  • Placement/Evaluation of Arestin
  • Advise and instruct patients on proper dental care
  • Treat patients with the highest respect in all functions of the job and maintain patient¬†confidentiality.


September, 2015             New York City College of Technology

to                                Dental Hygiene Degree (2 Year Program)

June, 2017

September, 2012             College of Staten Island

to                                Bachelor of Arts, Sociology/Anthropology Degree

December, 2013

September, 2005 ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† College of Staten Island ‚Äď Sociology Major


January, 2011

2001 Р2005                     St. Peter’s Girls High School


April, 2014                      Dr. Scafuri’s Office

to                                682 Forest Avenue

Present                             Staten Island, New York  10310

Attendant of Patients, Administrative duties

February, 2012                Burrito Bar & Restaurant

to                                595 Bement Avenue

August, 2009                   Staten Island, New York  10310


September, 2009             Pronto Pizzeria

to                                738 Forest Avenue

August, 2011                   Staten Island, New York  10310

Office worker ‚Äď answering phones and taking orders

November, 2008              Home Sweet Home Day Care Center

to                                Sycamore Street

August, 2009                   Staten Island, New York  10308

Attendant of Children

June, 2005                       Pronto Pizzeria

to                                738 Forest Avenue

October, 2008                 Staten Island, New York  10310

Counter Person/Waitress