Nursing Personal Philosophy Statement


The birth of my son was a pivotal moment in my life.  It was a miracle that the doctors, nurses and other members of the healthcare team saved his life.  This defining moment changed my perspective about the career I wanted to pursue.  I made an important decision to become a registered nurse and be the best nurse that I could be.

It has always been my philosophy to treat others the way I would like to be treated.  In addition to the principles of nursing, I have included my philosophy in my guiding principles.   I believe all patients are unique and require my full attention.  I recognize the need to offer holistic care in a caring, compassionate and professional manner.  I believe patients need to feel comfortable in order to truthfully discuss their health and any social issues they might be experiencing.   With this in mind I approach my patients with a professional, respectful and calm demeanor.  I recognize the importance of patient confidentiality and have made great efforts to protect both verbal and written patient information that I am privilege to.

In order to achieve patient satisfaction I strive to acknowledge and provide culturally competent care.   I recognize the importance of overcoming language barriers to ensure accurate assessments and patient understanding.   I believe interpretation and translation services should be utilized when encountering patients with a language barrier.   I also strongly believe everyone should be treated equally despite their culture, ethnicity, religious beliefs and sexual orientation.

I believe in advocating for my patients.  Therefore I will not hesitate to consult with the multidisciplinary team when needed.  I also believe patients should be made aware of their rights and be involved in any decision being made regarding their care.  As I continue to deliver excellent patient care I will do so according to my guiding principles and I will uphold the nursing code of ethics.

As a registered nurse I am in a unique position to educate patients about life changing issues.  I am empowered by my ability to impart valuable information to patients which could save their lives or decrease their risk of chronic illnesses.  I am confident in my abilities to continue providing excellent patient care.  As my career progresses and I will continue to provide care base on my philosophy and the principles of nursing.   I am determine to maintain my high standards of patient care.  To accomplish this I have asked myself this question at times during the care of my patients.  “If this was me, how would I want to be treated?”  This strategy has helped me to stay focus and provide care that result in excellent patient outcomes. I am privilege to be a registered nurse.  This is a serious career, patients trust me to do what is best for them.  In order to maintain and improve my capabilities I believe continuing education is important.

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