The Client Chose my REACHE logo !

This week, our team leader informed us that the client has chosen the logo design featuring the people in a circle pattern. I’m thrilled to know that my concept was selected! I will now create versions of the logo in blue, black, gray, and white.

In her email, our team leader also introduced our new project: designing report covers. She uploaded a reference cover from the past spring to our Google Drive. We are required to create these covers in various colors—green, yellow, red, and shades of gray/black/white. Additionally, we each need to develop two alternative cover options. The covers should be 8.5×11 inches, use the same font as the reference, and be saved as editable PDFs to ensure the text and logos can be modified.

This new task is exciting as it allows us to expand our creativity beyond logos and work on another vital aspect of the project’s visual identity. I look forward to experimenting with different color schemes and creating unique designs that meet the client’s needs.


Nour Mohsen. (2024). REACHE Logo Designs [Graphic design]. Personal collection.

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