COMD4900 OL90 35049 SP2021: Journal 10

For this last blog entry, I have successfully completed all my hours for this internship. I have been learning opportunities; learning about the business and marketing aspects of this establishment. All the strategies we prepared are in full effect and the business is getting more customers every day. Apart from that has been a truly an honor and a pleasure working for this company. I learned so much in the past semester and this knowledge carries on for all future occupations.

COMD4900 OL90 35049 SP2021: Journal 9

For this week’s update on my internship, recently we have been getting more customers in the store due to our strategic marketing campaigns. For this, we used a series of Instagram and Facebook posts and as well stories to help promote the business. These tools are very powerful in the right hands because these tools are easy and allow us to reach more people to the business which has increased the traffic and overall sales for the business. This made me happy because our strategies are actually working and the business is generating additional revenue.

COMD4900 OL90 35049 SP2021: Journal 8

For this week’s journal entry, it’s been coming to an end for my internship. For the past couple of days it has been quiet and a lot of nothing going on. Turn opportunity to stop by to the shop to learn more about printmaking and ] about the business side of my internship. Printmaking Is one of the things that I always wanted to do but never had the opportunity of doing. The processes are a little Labour intensive however results are satisfying. I had an opportunity to print a simple design onto a hoodie for a customer 

COMD4900 OL90 35049 SP2021: Ethics Entry 2

Ever since I became a designer,  I have always stressed the importance of crediting artists for their work. To myself and the art community, any work that is created by anyone other than those self is the property. Therefore any work I borrow, copy or interpret should be accredited to the original source. The reason why they’re stressed is so much because I wouldn’t like anyone to take my work and make it theirs. As a photographer, it is crucial That my work is not claimed by anyone else for-profit or non-profit without my credits. If not credited, legal action will be inflicted. With that said any work that I have used that is not mine I always give credit to the creator or source of that medium. 

In the situation of Shepard Fairey, I would agree with the  Associated Press. Mr. Fairey intentionally knew that he was using a copyrighted photograph for his Obama hope poster; which he said was a different photo and a mistake he then later admitted that lied about it. However, I do not think that Mr. Fairey should be imprisoned for his actions. Instead, he should be charged a fine for violating the Associated Press’s copyrights. Sending him into prison would’ve been an extreme and unnecessary action. Despite his mishap, I strongly support the idea of the artist and the Associated Press both coming up with a mutual agreement to share the profits of all merchandise and rights to the image.

COMD4900 OL90 35049 SP2021: Ethics Entry 1

The AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts ) has formulated a series of standards and ethics that should be used by graphic designers. After reviewing the series of guidelines, I have implemented them within my internship. These guidelines help create an understanding between the designer and the client. According to the AIGA,

“ A professional designer shall acquaint himself or herself with a client’s business and design standards and shall act in the client’s best interest within the limits of professional responsibility.”

At the beginning of my internship, I spoke with my coordinator to understand and develop ideas about the brand and its identity. In my case, this institution for which I work designs custom T-shirts and merchandise business. Its overall image and brand identity promote printing the clients’ or customers’ vision or design. Therefore it would be imperative that the design work does not steer away from that. 

In terms of copywriting, photography and non-disclosure agreements, my employer and I agreed to a mutual agreement that all the work created will be in my name unless purchased. According to the AIGA “The designer, as the copyright owner, has the exclusive rights to reproduce work; license work; prepare derivative works, such as a poster copied from a design; perform work; and display work.” The same rules can be applied to photography work because all the images and models were under my control. However,  we had a mutual agreement in which we agreed to share any work with them for reproduction. This meant every word I could use I can share on my social media, websites, and journal blogs at my discretion.

COMD4900 OL90 35049 SP2021: Journal 7



For this new update, I have a couple of sample pictures of another shoot that I did for that I would like to show you guys. This is one of my internship providers’ clients for which he creates their T-shirts and other merchandise. As you can see the overall theme for the shoot was streetwear. I decided to add those waves in the back of the photographs because they looked a little bit boring and they need is some sort of feature that was to make them stand out. This “curvy wave” as I like to call it gives the photographs a little bit more sense of the clothes been designed for the streets. Upon showing the client my photos they were impressed and they considered booking me for their future work.


COMD4900 OL90 35049 SP2021: Journal 6




For this update, my internship provider and I came up and finalized the new logo for the business. We got the idea for this logo looking on Pinterest. The concept was a picture of an eyeball surrounded by two circles which is supposedly an atom. I was able to deconstruct this idea and then add my unique spin to it to create not one but various forms of logos so he can use it in various applications. The eye what’s the central theme of the logo. As it represents you, meaning that you have the ability to create your own vision when coming to our shop. The logo in terms of artistic direction is modern, minimalistic, and clean. Also decided to play around with the “eye” aspect to create an illusion of some sort. 

COMD4900 OL90 35049 SP2021: Journal 5








For this week’s update, my internship provider and I spoke about re-designing a possible new logo for the business. He felt as if that the logo was a little bit dated and wanted something a little bit more modern and easier to add on merchandise. The current logo in my opinion is not too bad but it needs a sense of identity. So I was testing to treat a series of logo those for him to choose from. Unfortunately, Adobe Illustrator which is used for treating the various logos were lost when the application crashed. But here are a few photos I took of them. 

COMD4900 OL90 35049 SP2021: Journal 4

For this week’s update, I have completed the shoot for my internship’s website and social media sites. The theme and creative direction behind this shoot was something that you see out of an H&M or American Eagle photoshoot. Meaning you will have young morals behind a nice blue sky with a lot of sunlight, with crazy “free like” poses. For editing, I plan to creates a little vintage feel to give the photographs a little bit of attitude. The client didn’t have much material to work with at the time, unfortunately. That meant I couldn’t capture as much as I wanted to. However, that did not stop me from completing the task at hand and so editing I will try to create different styles of apparel to be used

Journal One

In my first journal entry, I’ve decided to speak about my experience in the search for an internship. Searching for an internship around a job has been incredibly hard due to the number of hours I work weekly. The possibility of acquiring an internship was very slim. Everyone through the multiple connections I have with all the professionals in the workplace was able to acquire an internship with an old colleague of mine from high school. Last year he started his business as a  print shop business and he needed a little bit of help in promotion and marketing his business. With my expertise in this for you, I decided to help him out, and then return we agreed to create this internship.