COMD4900 OL90 35049 SP2021: Ethics Entry 2

Ever since I became a designer,  I have always stressed the importance of crediting artists for their work. To myself and the art community, any work that is created by anyone other than those self is the property. Therefore any work I borrow, copy or interpret should be accredited to the original source. The reason why they’re stressed is so much because I wouldn’t like anyone to take my work and make it theirs. As a photographer, it is crucial That my work is not claimed by anyone else for-profit or non-profit without my credits. If not credited, legal action will be inflicted. With that said any work that I have used that is not mine I always give credit to the creator or source of that medium. 

In the situation of Shepard Fairey, I would agree with the  Associated Press. Mr. Fairey intentionally knew that he was using a copyrighted photograph for his Obama hope poster; which he said was a different photo and a mistake he then later admitted that lied about it. However, I do not think that Mr. Fairey should be imprisoned for his actions. Instead, he should be charged a fine for violating the Associated Press’s copyrights. Sending him into prison would’ve been an extreme and unnecessary action. Despite his mishap, I strongly support the idea of the artist and the Associated Press both coming up with a mutual agreement to share the profits of all merchandise and rights to the image.