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Hello, my name is Nasiayah. I’m currently student at New York City College of Technology majoring in Hospitality Management. I have aspirations of flourishing in the field of hospitality because of my deep interest in cooking, serving and pleasing people I’ve served the opportunity to cater these services to starting from young within my own home. I am eager to acquire more knowledge to the best of my ability about many of the things that I’ve already started researching about the field from home and received compliments from close friends and family about how satisfactory what I share with them is. I often hear that I am a great cook and hostess to my guest very comparable to my mother who taught me the basis of all I know and look up to dearly. She passed away early 2009 and since then I took it upon myself to manifest in the most sentimental activity that me and her loved doing together. It brings me joy to know that it would make her proud and that I am sharing a bit of my joy with the people I am and will withhold the great opportunity of serving.



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