draft. ENG1121 D432

Nevendra Lall
Holly Melgard
Eng 1121 –D432
Rough draft Research Essay
Human beings are like computers, we are programmed and conditioned to act or feel a certain way depending on the environment we are exposed too, for instance when I was a child my parents emphasized the importance of having a good education because of the opportunities that it lead too, such as a successful career and a prosperous life, and because of this I am attending College and pursing my Bachelor in Computer information System. Unfortunately we can also be conditioned to feel or do immoral things as well, a few sources that most clearly represents this is Marry Shelly ”Frankenstein”, Eliezer Sobel “ Fear of People “, and Anzaluda “To live in the Borderlands” . All three of these sources have something in common which was the environment being a leading destructive element that caused the main characters to either undergo a terrible psychological transformation that started within themselves and later progressed towards their view of society, or changed their views of how society saw them , with this being said I think that when most people think of the story of Frankenstein or any monster in general all they remember is the monster and not the factor that caused them to become the way they are , because the monsters of society are not always to blame for their actions or feelings towards a certain things, sometimes it’s the environments that they’re exposed to that causes such a change to occur.
Marry Shelly, Frankenstein best represents how humans are like computer and it’s the environment that we’re in that conditions us to act or feel a certain way because in the beginning of the novel it talks about a creature that got created by a mad scientist and at first embodied that of someone who has compassion and shows this through his actions in the novel. The most prominent representation of this was when the creature was observing a poor family living in a cottage and over time grew fond of them, he would carry firewood for them to make their lives easier, and one day he decided to approach the family , however things were rather unpleasant for the monster because the family shrieked in horrors at the sight of the creation , and even went as far as verbally assaulting him “yelling “get away”, “get away” and “monster” This can be seen as a destructive element that destroys not only Frankenstein self image but of the way he views society, perhaps he begins to feel that all he is a monster, and that’s how he should act because that’s the way he’s treated, the monster also destroyed the family’s garden and burned there cottage down in rage, I think that Frankenstein did this to show them that, he can be the monster they envision him as.
Anzaluda “To live in the Borderlands” also represents how humans are like computer and it’s the environment that we’re in that condition us to act or feel a certain way because, she describes how living in the borderlands is like “carrying all five races on your back not knowing which side to turn to, to or to run from”, she also describes how “ people walk right through you wind steals your voice”, the wind and the people can be seen as the same element that causes her to change her own views toward herself, predominantly representing the environment’s intervene , condition her to feel as though being mixed with five different race is a constant battle in which she has to prove herself , and choice between which race she wishes to be.
Kimball R.Ander and Bruce R.Brauna “The Legal legacy of John Wayne Gacy” represents how humans are like computer and it’s the environment that we’re in that condition us to act or feel a certain way, by describing the life of a serial killer known as “Killer Clown” who is notoriously known for his sexually assaults of teenage boys and young men between the years of 1972 and 1978 in Cook Country, Illinois, through the use of deception, but most importantly the author also talked about Killer clown childhood, which is debatably the reason behind his obsession of sexually assaulting young men and boys, thus proving that our environment conditions us to act a certain way being that killer clown’s earliest childhood memories were of his farther constantly beating him, and of a family friend who would take him for rides in his truck and fondle him, and to make things worse killer clown also had a heart condition and was mocked and bullied for it in school.
Byline: Elliot Ziwira “Herald/All Africa Global Media Via “is an excellent representation of how humans are like computers and that it’s our environments that conditions us to act a certain way, by describing the story of a character known as Shinigiriai whom the narrator calls the “Original Native”, Shinigirai parents died at a young age and because of this he was thrown into a society that had its own problems, people would call him a bastard or totemless. Shinigirari was adopted by his aunt who everyone calls maishingai, she raises him as her own child however her problem is that she is barren and bareness, and she compensate for this through masculinity, and because of this the young boy is thrown at the deep end. His interoperation of the world is that women have control over men especially if they are barren, which causes a fear of women to arise in him, as an effect of environmental conflicts.
“The Frankenstein Effect- Society is creating its own Monsters by Jason Connenctlon ”. In this text the author argues that from creation Frankenstein was considered “an abomination, “even his creator quickly regrets his decision to bring him back to life”. The author also talks about how every encounter the new lively creature comes upon is negative and wrought with fear. The creature is treated for exactly what people see him as a monster”. The author also talks about how we get our identity from those on the outside: family, friends teachers, similar to our environment and does so by comparing his childhood of being victimized by bullies , due to the fact of having Asperger’s , and how children that were different were treated like monsters.
“The Psychology of psychopaths” was about a notorious serial killer known as Ted Bundy who raped and killed many women over the course of few years, the article also talks about Bundy’s childhood and the difficulties that he suffered, that may of caused him to become a monster. Ted Bundy was adopted by his step father, and was believed to be raised by his biological father who was actually believed to be his grandfather, his grandfather was the one who raised Ted Bundy and was described as being abusive toward the family and even his siblings, his grandfather as described in the article once pushed his sibling down the stairs for over sleeping, thus proving that Bundy came from an environment that was filled with conflict and actions would later reflect this throughout the future.