Architecture students experience exchange

On Monday, October 19th, our class had the opportunity to become part of an exchange of ideas with a group of students who major in architecture. We walked to the building where Architecture classes are held and met the other group of students. The first think to notice in their classroom was a large variety of building models. We, as a class, were divided in three groups and the Architecture students were separated the same way.

We presented our class focus and they explained us the way they learn and work on their projects. We informed them about our site visits, about our reports, our project on Vinegar Hills that includes Farragut Houses, and our ultimate goal of writing about this project buildings in Wikipedia. We mentioned to them how we divided our research work, what research tools we found and used so far, and what we will work from now on.

The Architecture students showed us their projects, how they analyze the area of Farragut Houses, and their plans. They informed us that one of their class assignment consists of making plans for adding around the projects some commercial buildings with the purpose of making this area safer, especially at night. This way, more people will walk around during the day and the night.

Our visit to the architecture building of New York City College of Technology was interesting and informative. We were encouraged to ask questions and the students and their professor were able to answer them. This way we were able to learn new things and share our experience with them. The most interesting thing from this visit in their class were the models. I am looking forward to learning more about Farragut Houses.


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