An event.

On October 4th, 2018 Rafael and I were invited to attend an Inkwell Global Marketing showcase by Don Lerner, at “Dave and  Bustar’s”, Time Square. It was well organized and entertaining event. We got a chance to meet with different representatives from different companies. The showcase was to introduce new products and different items for sail, oriented for medical companies and restaurants ( health and hospitality business.)

In addition to the showcase, company invited us to have a lunch, different types of food and drinks, and since we were at “Dave and Bustar’s” we had an access to entertainment area.


Self-evaluate the performance on the job.

It’s always hard to evaluate yourself, how to give fair rating. I definitely give myself 5 star rating for hard work, multitasking, punctuality and accomplishing everything on time. 4 stars go to my communication skills, organization and patience. 3 stars go to the word “yes”, that overwhelms my days at work. 2 stars go to word “no” , because I rarely use it. 1 star is a medal I pin on my clothes for the hard work.

As an example, last week we had two events back to back. One was Breast cancer awareness, where I needed to provided posters and flyers. Second was Flu Vaccination, where my role was a project coordinator, included creating a schedule, make signs, order supplies, book the rooms. At the end, both of events, with some help of my coworkers, were successfully done. 

Collaborative project.

Last month we were working on collecting data, images and articles from Hub directors and supervisors to use the collected information in the internal newspaper. My job was to contact all the employees who contributing this month, ask them to provide articles and images to support the story. There were five articles submitted, two were from Educational staff, one was clinician corner, one from Human Resources and one from IT. Total of four people and I communicate with them by emails. After collecting all the contents my job was layout the content in inDesign and my supervisor’s job was proofread the submitted texts. After Rafael approved the layout and text, I contacted printshop to complete the job. The challenging parts were collecting the data. Everything else was under my control.


Learning process…

On the job I learned how to work with CMS programming system by updating and uploading information online, changing the settings, rearranging layouts of the content. I mostly have access to the front end, and it can be challenging. I try to use plain CSS and HTML, yet since I only have access to the front end I cannot overwrite certain parameters. That’s the challenging part.

Also, I learned how to create successful PowerPoints for the Educational Department, such as: Board Book meetings, Wound Workshops and etc. I call it “an intensive creating”, which means by creating PowerPoints everyday for different departments makes me research my audience and teaches me on what I have to concentrate more. In the beginning my presentations were lame, but now employees come to me to ask for help.

Other part of my job is communicating with vendors. In addition to creating successful designs and making sure files are properly set up to be print, I learn how to be a sales person, negotiator and warehouse operator. I admit that is one of the fun tasks I have. It’s teaching me organizational skills and to be punctual and right on point!

From time to time, I do perform certain clerical duties, such as preparing files and folders for orientations. Print copies of PowerPoint presentations. Set up rooms for meetings. Also, schedule meetings and book the rooms. Order breakfast or lunch for the meetings and/or orientation. I help HR with open house pré screening process, such as check the attendance in the system, and check if they have all needed paperwork before their pre screen interviews.

My typical day at my job starts with going thru my emails and see if there are any requests and tasks for the day. Most of the time employees send me design jobs such as create flyers, restock their inventory, create business cards, PowerPoint presentations and etc. Around 10 am I have a meeting with my supervisor to go over the tasks that he has for me. If it’s an orientation day or open house I usually sit at the front desk and direct the traffic, check people in and screen the paperwork they have on them.

My current role – Meet my supervisor

In my current role I am required to assist several departments. Tasks are not limited yet mostly follow one direction. One of the departments I work with is the Design and Marketing department. My supervisor’s name is Rafael Dominguez and his title is Director of Marketing and Communications. I am required to create posters, flyers, newsletters, email blasts, business cards, handouts, booklets, pocket size educational materials (passports), signs, banners, podium stands and other large and/or small design files. Also, I have to maintain the company’s (At Home only) web pages, by uploading and updating imagery and/or content using CMS programming system. In addition to updating the web pages, I closely work with vendors and print shops. I send them created by me designs, than request quotes,  negotiate the price, schedule prints, deliveries, shipments. I maintain the inventory. After receiving the Marketing materials, I communicate with facilities, what items they needs to be restocked and distribute. That includes sorting the items, packaging them, making arrangement with transportation department and sending deliveries. 

With a help of the agency “ExecutiveSearch” I came across this internship position. I submitted my resume with the agency first and I was invited for the pre screening interview. I met with one of the agency’s recruiters. She asked me to speak about myself and what am I looking for. Than we spoke about my previous experiences and how can we work on updating my resume. 

That day, I spent an hour in the office with the recruiter and I was told they would help me to find the best fit me from my experience and knowledge.  After few days I was contacted by the agency recruiter for follow up meeting. Also, I had to complete the agency’s required paperwork. 

Few weeks later, the agency scheduled my first interview and on my luck I was hired on the spot at my current job. I was interviewed by Assistant Director of Educational Department. She asked me questions from my resume. She asked me why am I a perfect fit to their company. For what my answer was, “I am dedicated, hard working, fast learner. Great team player. Can work under the pressure and can do multiple jobs at the same time.”

I was hired as a temp to support Educational Department. I had to provide clerical support, such as copying papers, printing, creating folders, scheduling classes, scheduling orientation dates, communicate with facilitators and speakers, create and update educational materials for employees, create eblasts, order supplies, etc. In a few weeks my hard work was paid off, I received an offer for full time position. My duties were increased, and I started reporting to several departments. One of the Departments, as I mentioned earlier, is Marketing and Communications Department. That made me open to more creative and digital environment, where I can get the most experience in my chosen field.


Culture of my workplace

The attire at the company is formal. From Monday to Thursday we have a dress code, business and/or business casual. There are no sneakers, jeans, T-shirt’s allowed while on the premises. Fridays are casual, but the attire must still be appropriate. Routinely from Monday through Thursday I wear suits, slacks, button up shirts, blouses, below knee skirts. On Friday I might wear something more comfortable, a sweater, comfortable pants.

The middle management staff work in cubicles while the upper management & executives have offices. We do have open areas for large print and mount stations, as well as two conference rooms on the floor. Our typical working hours are 8-4, 9-5 and 10-6. We have one unpaid lunch hour which we spend at two small kitchens. If the weather is nice we usually go out to the Piers or parks with our lunch boxes or we have variety of food trucks, restaurants, coffee shops and stores to choose from.


NYC H+H | At Home

Welcome to NYC Health + Hospitals, a public healthcare company who operates the public hospitals and clinics through out New York.  Currently, it controls eleven Acute Care Hospitals, five Nursing  Homes and six Diagnostics and Treatment Centers. They are spread amongst 4 boroughs, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Bellevue Hospital is know to be one of the largest facilities.  Headquarters to NYC Health + Hospitals is located at 125 Worth Street, New York, NY. We take all major Health-plans but  MetroPlus is one of the largest health plan we work with. 

NYC H+H serves 1.5 million patients. This includes insured patients and uninsured patients.  For those who cannot communicate in English a Language Based Service Line is provided. Also, There are no limitations in age, sex, religion and ethnicity. Serving mostly poor and low income patients.

The company was created in 1969 by the NYC Legislature as a public benefit corporation. In 1920, Bellevue founded the Children’s Psychiatric Service, the first program in the United States focused on the study of child autism. Moreover, Bellevue is associated with the NYU School of Medicine who offers a wide range of medical, surgical, and psychiatric services and is a major referral center for highly complex cases.

I am currently employed at NYC H+H/ At Home Care Management Department.  We have over 400 employees. We provide programs to meet our patients needs, at home, shelters and the public on the streets. We are one of the most accessible and affordable Home Health Services in NYC. Our focus is to reduce inpatient admissions, reduce ED visits, improve PCP utilization and improve patients experience. Our services are divided in 3 programs: 

  1. Home Care, it’s a field based service, that includes visit for Adults and Maternal Child (wound care, physical therapy, social work, speech therapy etc.)
  2. Health home, it’s field cases coordination of care for patients 18 and older (referrals, escorts, care coordination)
  3. Care Transitions, facility based coordination for patients 18 and older (referral, education)

I work in our central office, located at 160 Water street, 9th floor. I report directly to two supervisors, Jared S., Chef of Operations and Rafael D., Director of Marketing and Communications. My cubical is in row “A”, next to the Human Resources Department, IT and Executive offices. My tittle is Coordinating Project Manager, my role is to support Executive staff, Marketing Director, HR, IT and Educational department with various task, from clerical to creative. 

There are no external articles about At Home Heath Care that were recently posted. There is one article in process, yet It is not currently for the public view.

One of the internal article, posted on On March 12th, 2018 an internal arrival posted by our companies newspaper “Insider” wrote an article thanking our At Home RN’s and Team for there outstanding work.  Two of our Employees Barbara Nesby, Social Worker and Eseosa Ikhinmwin RN, help a Bronx Family who has a premature labor at Jacobi Hospital.  After the new mother and baby got discharged from Jacobi, out team took this case for further care of the patients. Barbara and Eseosa took immediate action in providing assistance with basic life essentials and medical care. Barbara made an arrangements to have families utilities turned on, also connected mother with WIC benefits.  Eseosa, taught mom how to look out for signs of respiratory distress.  Moreover, how to schedule following up appointments with her family doctor and pediatrician. 

About me

My name is Nelya Kelly. I am a student at CITY Tech working toward finishing my bachelor degree in Communication Design / Advertising.

I am a punctual and hard working, reliable individual. I am also a quick learner and a team player, I have good customer service, computer and graphic design skills. I am fluent in Russian and English, and am studying Spanish and Portuguese. I started learning Spanish and Portuguese because I want to know more about this people, their culture, their lives. Few years ago I traveled to Brazil to visit my Brazilian friends and could understand some of the basic language. Brazilian people are very kind and open hearted people. They showed me Rio, their life in Rio and introduced me to national food, drinks and music. 

During a week I work at NYC Health + Hospitals | At Home. My position here is Coordinating Project Manager. In my job description that means I can do anything from clerical to creative design tasks. On my free time I like to sketch, draw, paint while I am listening good music or even watch something on TV. 




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