As an employee at the Center, it’s a wonderful place to be. There’s always something going on but as an intern, it was an experience I enjoyed more than anything. The creative team was a pleasure to work with and with them allowing me to be free with my designs as well as professional. The team was helpful and I enjoyed working with them every moment.

We had a little get together at the office and I thanked everyone for being helpful. I was able to get to know everyone during the process and even met with some of their kids, which I sat down with and drew some photos with. I appreciate the opportunity and the experience.


Preparation for the Annual Gala is a big Annual Fundraiser. The Center is a non-profit organization as mentioned in the beginning of my internship. Because the Center is non-profit, the Center makes money with Donors who invest in the Center, most donation are made by long time companies which we work with closely—vendor, architects, etc.—once the money is donated, the Center is funded and is running smoothly.

Therefore, during the Annual Gala; we budget for a dinner party for our supports. Preparing for the Gala takes time and management. Invitation cards were created months in advance, sent out and then the planning began.

Meeting with caterers, going over fabric quality and colors. Design of the setting for table, bar, and food station placement. Once everything was finalized, the day of the Gala things were falling into play.


I have been assigned as the Project Manager at the Center to work closely with my Supervisor—installation of fire rated doors—The process is long and tedious. in the beginning we’ve met with Architects back-to-back over the course of two months.

We discussed plans—details I can’t mention due to security clearance—the plans were about filing for Public Assembly.

Demolition and building process began during the Jewish Holiday’s because the Center was closed and during Friday’s because it’s a much slower days. It took two weeks and once complete, we found more and more minor problems which occurred during the process.

The job may be complete but paperwork and being in constant communications with the DOB (Department of Buildings) and Architects is a bigger job. Work is still in progress.

Below you will see photos of a before and after photos.