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See attachment for instructions on loading vpn to access labs remotely.Ā  If you need further information email:

We have two adjunct CLTā€™s available to provide support with blackboard and the use of the remote computer lab, V 428. They are available Monday-Thursday evenings, please email them if you need their assistance so they can be prepared to help you.
Valentin Ramirez,Office Hours: Mondays and Thursday 5:30pm-8:00pm, Ā valentin.ramirez@mail.citytech.cuny.eduKelly Wu,Office Hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 5:00pm-8:00pm,Ā


Dear Students,

Please read below with our updated class policy regarding zoom class recordings. Email me with any questions or concerns.


Professor Anderson

Students who participate in this class with their camera on or use a profile image are agreeing to have their video or image recorded solely for the purpose of creating a record for students enrolled in the class to refer to, including those enrolled students who are unable to attend live.Ā  If you are unwilling to consent to have your profile or video image recorded, be sure to keep your camera off and do not use a profile image. Likewise, students who un-mute during class and participate orally are agreeing to have their voices recorded.Ā  If you are not willing to consent to have your voice recorded during class, you will need to keep your mute button activated and communicate exclusively using the “chat” feature, which allows students to type questions and comments live.

“Where can your students find online resources to assist with distance learning?”

VisitĀ Faculty CommonsĀ for more up-to-date resources and information.

For other important updates, please visit theĀ City Tech websiteĀ orĀ CUNY’s website.

Thank you and stay safe.