This ad was pretty good in my opinion compared to the French Supermarket ad because its more gentle to the human ear and feels more like a well put together ad the the supermarket ad even with how the children sounds are here in this ad it shows how kids in life are sounding when they fight or are hungry especially when there in there toddler age so they don’t make lots of sounds like a baby would do. So I say the sounds here are very better and gentle for a ad then in the Supermarket ad and even has a more commercial tone then the last one to me as well so I find it more effective in that department as well. Now there is something that makes this ad different compared to typical ad’s and how they pulled it off I feel fits of what they are trying to say and show for their product. By not showing there faces and only their feet is pretty different, but for this add it really works in my opinion as its a sneaker ad, I say well done. This way kind of reminds me of Tom and Jerry the original cartoon of how some human characters are only shown from there feet’s and not the rest.

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