You have seen this one before, but all I did for this one was fix the text with some strokes in black and a drop shadow to show depth in the text. Other than that it’s pretty much the same just adjusted a little. just a little back track of the project, this project was mainly about picking a quote from somewhere or someone and turn it into a visual quote of how it would be in your mind or image of how the quote would be visualized. my first sketches are up on my Eportfolio.

For this one I really adjusted the placement for the tag of the person who said the quote because before I had it underneath the “E” in Rage, but now it’s on the side of it and a little smaller in size as well.

For the third and last one I really wanted to put the image as the background and leave the text almost see through, but glowing as well. So the quote is all in strokes and no fill, but with some effects I made it glow to make it feel alive and Rage feeling I feel with the colors I picked. The rage in ours part is moved around and played with to make it feel that you could do whatever you want in his world.

To sum up everything that has been stated this project was pretty interesting and fun a way as well. It really grew my interest on how things like quotes could visualized in such ways and I feel for mines even with the simplicity of them I honestly think these work of bringing out the quote and visualizing new things from it as well.

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