Muhammad Ali, Miami Beach, Florida, 1966

This Image really stood out to me and honestly its one of my favorite pictures that Gordan parks took. This image of Ali shows character, tone and life as you could see how all the sweat down his face is defined and how great this shot of him is. The tone is dark, but in a way beautiful in ways as well. There’s a story in all of the phots Gordan takes and for me this one shows a story of someone who doesn’t give up and continues on to greatness. ” Ali had become an international celebrity after winning a gold medal at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome and was photographed by Parks at the height of his success.” Ali was really something in this world and for sure Gordan parks so that in him as well. This image really gives off a energy of “keep on going” and how dark the photo is you could see light reflecting off his skin and sweat as if the light is the way to go to succeed. I think this image captures the human tone and story perfect and just like all his photos each one has a story behind it which makes the person looking at the photo more focused on the story and tone and not just looking at the image because of how good it looks.

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