Christopher Winter: Huxley’s Guide to Switzerland, 2011

This Beautiful well done art piece really stood out to me and I was really amazed by this feel of “Serenity.” This piece is made by Christopher winter and what he has done here is truly a sight to behold. The colors are cool and very monochromatic as well with all these blue hues and little bits of green to tell and show this amazing story he has here. This is all done on a canvas with acrylic paints which has a great tone used with this paint and the texture feels light and soft almost as well which is very sweet. The Composition is truly fantastic and all of the ingredients mix very well to create this cold tone to it almost as a cool breeze going down your spine. This artwork is in the Blue Exhibit in the Nassau County Museum. I pick out this piece because it really makes me feel like I’m in the mountains feeling the cool breeze and the air flowing through, almost like a peaceful vibe and I absolutely love that.

Makoto Ofune: Eternal, 2009

This piece is another one that really amazed my eyes when looking at it. Made by Makoto Ofune, this is what he calls “Eternal” and to be honest I feel the eternal tone to it especially with the cool and almost water like texture it almost has. This really does capture almost water in that sense especially how it looks like he made it reflective in this art. This monochromatic piece is made using powered mineral pigment on some hemp paper that is mounted on a board. This piece really gives me calmness and Serenity feels as well, just like the other art piece by Christopher Winter. Makoto really captured Japanese art and a nature feel as well to it. The composition is really well done with the elements that he picked for this and for sure is one of my favorites in the exhibit.

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