Project Details

  • (Interaction Storyboard) & 1-2 sentence description
  • Digital Deliverable 2 (depends on concept form) & 1-2 sentence description

1 User: Identify the user, based on the target user group.

Recreational athletes and active users.

2 Context: Describe context or situation in which the problem exists

There isn’t an application that incorporates fitness, competition, achievements, and videos sharing.

3 Motivation: Describe an incident or condition that motivates the use of the solution.

Users who would like to share their accomplishments and compete with other users.

4 Solution: Show how they access and use the solution to address their need.

Users can challenge each other in a head to head, compete for achievements and record the process in HD and share it with other for bragging rights. The user can choose from different options ranging from general fitness tracking, challenge modes, video sharing and statistics. Using the goPro users can showcase a brand new perspective to fitness and the active lifestyle.

5 Outcome: Describe the outcome of the situation – the payoff, the problem solved, and the happy user.

Active users will now have an all-inclusive platform to track and share their accomplishments within their community. Allowing them to reach their Next Level in Fitness

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