Student blend final

This Monday Jarnelle and I created a white blend of wine to go with the broiled salmon dish. We had many ideas of how we were going to start out our blend and what the main blend would be and we chose Riesling. We chose Riesling because of the dominate traits it would give out to balance the dish and not overpower it. We wanted a wine crisp and fresh as well as a little sweet. We knew we also wanted to do chardonnay from the choices we had because those two would work well together and have a good balance with the dish. The last choice we had was Sauvignon Blanc and that would have ben way too sweet for the dish to work with.

So once we got ready to blend we started out with Riesling and Chardonnay but a small amount of each it was bland for the dish. It wasn’t complex enough for the broiled Salmon. Then we just kept experimenting with each wine mixing them and trying to figure out if it was too sweet or crisp and fresh. We had a decision to make between 2 of our 5 blends and we realized the 50 50 of Riesling and Chardonnay was perfect. It was perfect and we knew it by our faces when we tried it. We even had to do it again just to make sure we got it right and we did. It was a really good experience and I was surprised with how it wasn’t hard to make your own blend and by making it pair perfectly with a dish. It turned out the way we expected we just weren’t sure about the amounts and that changed everything because we did try the same blend with smaller amounts not enough to distinguish the wine and anticipate the flavors. Good we tried that blend again if we didn’t we probably wouldn’t have found a pairing.

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