Student blend

Blending the wine was great experience and Interesting process. It was definitely a tedious  process because you want to make sure that you get the right blend of wine that taste wonderful together.  Before going to Red Hook Winery, Christine and I talked about different blends that would go well with the dish we are pairing it with. We were making a red wine blend, we had three different wine. They were  Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc. The red wine blend is going to be paired with braised beef jardiniere and duchess potatoes. We made five blends. The first blend was 75% cabernet franc with 25% merlot. The second blend was 50% syrah with 50% merlot. The third blend was 50% syrah with 50% cabernet franc. The fourth blend 50% syrah, 50% merlot and 10% cabernet franc. And the fifth blend was the wild card which was 70% cabernet franc and 30% riesling.

The final blend that we submit was the wild card which is the 70% cabernet franc and 30% riesling.The reason why we came up with this blend because the cabernet franc is a medium-high acidity, medium body and medium tannin. The riesling is light in body, low to no tannin, and medium sweetness. With is information it made a great red wine. The reason this blend can be paired with our dish because braised beef jardiniere and duchess potatoes is a hearty meal and the blend that we made is a light, medium to low acidity, light sweetness for a red wine. It would make a great pairing for the dish and bring out the different flavors or ingredients that is in this dish. The sweetness in the wine balance the bold flavors that in this dish. We think that the guests that visit dining room would enjoy our blend of red wine.

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