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At the AAC&U Conference

I am at the AAC&U General Education conference and want to share this article: Why Do You Go to College? Shaping Student Beliefs and Success. How are we making our goals for students evident? When do we have the conversation about learning? How do we position out students to develop meta cognitive learning skills?



HMGT “Sharing Goals and Objectives” Fall 2017

During the fall 2017 semester I had the opportunity, along with my colleague Susan Lowry, to present the accomplishments of our department’s FYE committee work at a faculty meeting. We look forward to passing the torch of this important work to Thalia Warner who, starting in the fall of 2017, will represent the department.

Our faculty are proud to be leaders of this initiative and feel confident that the initiatives of the committee will lead to a better experience for students. They were also intrigued with “The Companion for First Year Students” which will be used my more faculty and students this semester.

The slide we used for the presentation can be found here: HMGT Goals and Objectives