Thoughts on Student College Ready Course before Freshman Year

Hi all & Happy Spring!

I attended the Online Learning Committee’s (OLAC)  presentation to the department chairs today and one issue that was raised during the meeting was getting student prepared to take online courses before they do. I thought that this dovetails with our discussions about getting students ready for City Tech overall and I thought it would be ideal if students had their first taste of online learning in a online course they would take in July or August before the first day of classes. This would replace the in-person class that the college used to offer and that no longer is offered due to lack of resources.

This  online course could make use of a virtual tour of the campus building either animated or in video form and a range of other resources. I think members of the OLAC  committee, many of whom have years of doing online courses here at City Tech could be involved in this initiative.  Just some thoughts for our next meeting.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Student College Ready Course before Freshman Year

  1. Chastity Norman

    I think a virtual tour of the campus would be a wonderful resource for students who don’t have the opportunity to take a tour prior to the first day of classes. It would help them become familiar with the layout of the campus, as well as get an impression of the college’s culture before becoming a part of its community.


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