Evaluate Potential Solutions

During the blending process the first step we took in order to create a well-balanced wine was to use a 50/50 ratio of the wines in order to have a baseline to work from. This first blend created a wine that we felt was dull and sweet and would not pair with our dish. The second wine blend had a ratio of 80% wine number one and 20% of wine number two. The wine was grassy, floral and appealing. However, we felt the wine was dirty and lacked balance. The third wine blend was 95% wine number one and 5% wine number two. It was dry and had a long finish. By using this ratio, the wine became very unbalanced and produced off aromas and flavors. Our final blend produced a crisp and well-balanced wine. We used 70% wine number one and 30% wine number two. This wine was intense, rich and had flavors of gooseberries, peach, grapefruit and had a tart short finish. The wine also gave off aromas of peach, white flowers and gooseberries. This was the wine that our team chose to submit for the blind tasting.

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