Red Hook Winery Visit

On October 6 our Wines of New World class visited the Red Hook 10600549_10153158670748943_7599472616953599329_nWinery.  I really enjoyed our visit and can’t wait to go back next week.  Everyone there was friendly and funny, they taught us a lot of new things about blending wine and how wine is made.  The location they were at was beautiful the view of the river and the city.  It was also a beautiful sunny day.  We also went into a room where all the barrels of wine were kept.  We learned a little about barrel sizes and stainless steel barrels.  Although it was a small little winery, the atmosphere was very comfortable and welcoming.  We tried many different types of wines and blended wines.  They also taught us a little about the difference with taste, texture and smell.

We also Got split into groups for making our own wine next week.  Richard and Irma is in my group and we already started talking about the wine we will make, we want to make a white wine, more on the sweet side but not too sweet.  I also really enjoyed the buttercup blend so we might add that to our blend of wine.

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  1. Can you be more explicit about what was learned about the wine making process? What terms were familiar or new? What concepts were more clear or more confusing?

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