During our visit to Red Hook Winery I learned that within the walls of the Sandy battered establishment several different styles of wine-making are taking place. Mark, the owner works in conjunction with two winemakers that represent two completely different styles of wine-making. Abe Shoener is a winemaker who produces wine with an avant-garde approach every step of the way, while Bob Foley employs the traditional methods of grape juice fermentation. I found out that the majority of the grapes are harvested on Long Island with a few exceptions of them coming from Upstate New York. The large batches of grapes arrive to Red Hook Winery in picking bins placed and shrink-wrapped on racks. First, the grapes are processed by being poured into the de-stemmer that separates the grape clusters from the stems. Then it is all transferred through a peristaltic pump into the automatic press. The whole procedure is a gentle process preserving the most valuable parts of the grape-clusters. Mark also shared with us the different ways of making red, white, blush, and even orange wines (white wine that is fermented with the skin). During the tasting, I realized the different results of wines being introduced to either oxidation or reduction. The winery tour was very informative; the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

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  1. Segufta says:

    Judging from your post you have a deep understanding of the steps taken to make a wine. It was very detailed and informative.

  2. Your knowledge of the vinification process is well stated throughout the post. The relationship between wine maker, resident wine maker and the vineyard manager all contribute to the final wine; knowing that each wine maker requires different approaches to the fermentation and aging process makes the process even more complex.

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