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Review for FINAL

CDMG 1111

FALL 2016


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Professor Eli Neugeboren


Types of Printing

  • Relief/Woodcut – ink goes on a raised surface, image is reversed
  • Etching/Intaglio – ink goes in etched grooves, is wiped off surface, image is reversed
  • Lithography – ink goes on flat chemically treated surface, wiped off, image is reversed
  • Screenprint/Serigraphy – ink is pushed through porous screen, image is NOT reversed

Industrial Printing:

  • Offset Lithography
  • Standard for printing four color (CMYK) using digitally prepared plates.
  • Can print using a roll (WEB) or individual sheets (Sheetfed)
  • Extremely fast and cheap in large quantities
  • Can print with more than four colors – metallic, pantone, etc. inks
  • Digital Printing
  • Prints using 4-color (CMYK) process with NO plates
  • Cheaper for small-runs because lack of setup charges/no plates needed
  • Can simulate Pantone, Metallics, etc.
  • Both processes use halftones to cut down on the amount of ink used – this is to cut cost and increase quality
  • Letterpress – a type of relief printing that has seen a comeback because of it’s artisanal qualities and physical aesthetic appeal



  • What is Jake Parker talking about in his “Finished, Not Perfect” video?
  • Pricing – what are different ways you can determine what to charge?
  • Graphic Artists Guild: Handbook for Pricing and Ethical Guidelines
  • Get an agent
  • Find out what other people are charging
  • Why can you can only choose two? Cheap, Fast, or Good?



  • Can I use that picture? How do you know when it’s ok?
  • Inspiration vs Imitation vs Outright Theft
  • What is “fair use”?
  • What is the Creative Commons?