What is Harm Reduction?

Please go the the International Harm Reduction Association’s website at www.ihra.net and read, “What is Harm Reduction? A position statement from the International Harm Reduction Association.” After doing so, watch the International Drugs & Harm Reduction Film Festival 2013 winner for best film: ‘The Journey of Change.’ (see www.ihra.net/film-festival)

Ask yourself the following when watching the film, and post comments:

1) What is the journey of change?

2) What are the specific risks and harms associated with drug use?

3) What causes those risks and harms?

4) What can be done to reduce these risks and harms?

5) Does the view of drugs in the film represent a view of harm reduction or even, the way we view drug use in the US?  Think about the songs we played for you, how they took a light-hearted, perhaps cryptic, rousing, comical or dark view of addiction.

6) What emotions did the short film illicit? What would you want to take away from it?


Aida & Gwen


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