This field trip (my first virtual museum visit) allowed us to explore and critique pieces displayed in the Blue Gallery at the Nassau County Museum of Art. This specific focused on the aesthetic of color. While all the pieces were unique, two exhibits stood out to me more than the others. Christopher Winter’s “Huxley’s Guide to Switzerland” being the first.

The most intriguing aspect of this piece was the positioning of the two characters. A man and a woman in a vertical central stands that warped the perception of the horizon. Because of their placement, the environment around them became a focal point, and the viewer is lost in the ambiance of sea and the sky surrounding them, as it almost impossible to indicate where one ends and one begins.

The second piece that caught my attention was Buddha Mind 2019. While different people have different iterations of their version of Buddha, this one stood out primarily because of the color. A majestic blue that is somewhat unorthodox and because of the look of it. Traditionally seen a little golden statue, this piece was a commanding, majestic blue that captivated the viewer (even if momentarily).

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