Welcome to this crazy journey ofĀ mine. I’m Nelson Cortorreal a hospitality management major at City Tech College. I currently have an associateĀ degree in liberal arts from Borough of Manhattan Community College. I was once an athlete, now I’m an inspiring entrepreneur who is searching for the best methods in pleasing customers. I intend to develop the necessary tools for a successful career in the hospitality field.

There is a great search for unforgettable experiences every day, I intend to satisfy that great search and find it a home in one of my future restaurants. I am uncertain of where this journey will take me but I intend to make the most out of it.

Quality hospitality comes with great character. The goal intended is to build relationships with those who welcomed great service and who now leave with part of this everlasting, reminiscentĀ moment that continues to encourageĀ them to indulgeĀ in the pleasure of great hospitality services, making it a necessity for them to come back. I look forward to achieving this great dream of mine.