Self Assessment (Entry #7)

Throughout my experience in this internship, I realized how important it is to stay consistent with the workflow and never give up if something is not working the way it should be.  When I was working on editing photos the first time I was finding it a little hard to keep up with all the new skills that I learned as I kept doing it over and over it became much easier.

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I learned how important it is to consistently evaluate your own work because doing so can aid in your professional development as a designer. Your work should always be valuable given how hard you’ve worked to get your expertise. If you can, continue designing after you graduate. It’s important to keep your portfolio up to date and improve it. Working on personal projects and learning new tools and skills are effective ways to do this. The stronger your portfolio, the more useful it will be in your job search.

Final Advice (Entry #6)


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At the end of my internship class, some advice that I have is to enhance your resume by demonstrating that you have some work experience in the industry. This would lead you to more likely be hired when looking for a job. Asking for feedback on your strengths and areas for improvement is also the best method to learn from your performance. Receiving input from experts in the sector can help you develop into an even better employee in the future.
It demonstrates your commitment to your field that you network with others, learn from their experiences, and ask them for advice on how to succeed in your internship. By making an effort to interact with people who could advance your career, you may make a positive impression and develop sincere relationships.


Working on Project (Entry #5)

Worked on a photoshoot project this week and got to learn a lot of new editing skills that I didn’t know before. It is so fun to see how a fashion editorial project comes to life from meeting with a client, and discussing the vision to creating mood boards, searching for the perfect location to shoot, time, and day to getting all the necessary items for the shoot and to finally the day where they shoot and lastly the editing process.

Behind the scenes with a shoot team                                                                                                                     Get this image on: iStock | License details
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Contracts (Entry # 4)

Employment contracts are advantageous because they outline all of the terms of the employment relationship and protect both the employer and the employee legally.  In general, if an employee quits or resigns, they do not receive remuneration unless the employer agrees to do so. If an employee is fired for no fault of their own, the employer is usually required to compensate them.


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This is also true with the company that I’m working with. After meeting with a client with my supervisor and creative director I realized that they discussed a contract with the client before anything else. This is to insure the whole process goes smoothly my supervisor explained to me.

How it’s going so far (Entry #3)

So far I’m still continuing the research analysis that I’m doing for my company  I started by looking for information on competitors in the field and coming up with mood boards for each company’s aesthetic design wise. This is to help with the company’s big rebranding project that they working on.

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I Also joined a client meeting for the first time with the creative director and photographer and was tasked to create a mood board to prepare for a client’s photo shoot.

Ethics Part 2

1b. Students are to reflect on whether, in the past, they have used another’s creative work and how have they given that artist credit?

During my academic career as a designer, I have used illustrations and photos that were not mine but I always made sure to provide the source and credit where credit is due. But as my skills got better I tried more and more to create everything I could on my own to get into the habit of trying to not use other creative’s work for my own.

2b. Students are to give their opinion of the arguments and outcome of the Fairey Copyright case.

The article about Fairey’s copyright case was a textbook example of how important it is to credit the original creator. It is unethical to use photos without the permission of the original author. As designers, we should be responsible for how we create content and set a good example. Nobody would trust a designer who does not respect other creators and use their work without crediting them and asking permission to use their work.

Ethics Part 1

1a.They are to discuss how the design work they are doing handles the sourcing of images and the company’s trademarks & logos.

Since my internship is at an editorial fashion photography company all the photos we use are owned by the company. I am more mindful now however after reading the ethics guides on how one must handle sourcing images.

2a. It will also discuss if they had to sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement for their internship site and how they have handled that about their internship journal for this class.

I did not sign any disclosure agreement for my internship however I do know and understand that I’m not allowed to discuss the company’s clients, projects, and anything else related to the company and its work with anyone.  I’m allowed to show things that are only already been posted on the company’s Social Media platform since those have been approved by both the company and the client.

Networking (Entry #2)

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During this internship, I was able to attend a networking event for black creators. In this space, I was able to connect with various artists from all kinds of walks of life. I networked with a photographer who worked with black content creators in Atlanta, GA. I showed them my portfolio and my editing style created a mentoring space for them to be able to guide me. In this environment, they gave me constructive criticism and their information to further work on my skills. It is always important to network with people in the industry to learn more and maybe even find a job opportunity.


Searching and Obtaining my Internship (Entry #1)

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About a month earlier, I interviewed with a startup fashion editorial photography studio. This internship opportunity came from an online networking event that a buddy recommended to me. I sent out my resume and portfolio to be able to join the networking event and soon later I got the chance to interview with this startup company.  After I interviewed online, I received an email saying that I got accepted. We talked about the terms for the internship and what I will be doing which is mainly research and helping the creative director with photo editing and photoshoot projects.